is a database of user submitted reports of unsolicited callers. If you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, look it up in our directory. You can learn if the caller was a telemarketer, political surveyor, blatant spammer, or just a wrong number.

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sexually harassed my wife

Posted by Frank - 7 hours ago


Keep Calling my Cell Phone!

Posted by Lori Cram - 14 hours ago


Random text message giving the random name "Brett." Did not respond to further inquiry.

Posted by Stacie - 16 hours ago


I don't know them

Posted by Jeremy Slocum - 18 hours ago


annoying telemarketer

Posted by Jerry - 20 hours ago


Hung up repeated calls

Posted by General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions - 1 day ago


do't know who called right at 9PM eastern time to my Dallas area cell number

Posted by kevin - 1 day ago


said they were from google, trying to sell high ranking ad placement

Posted by mw - 2 days ago


Keeps calling an playing Guitar background hold music

Posted by Tina Marie - 2 days ago


This guy Mamadouh Ramadan is stating that he is an IRS agent and he is going around to pallet yards in the LA area stating that they are behind on taxes. Watch out for him. He doesn' thave an IRS badge only a laptop and a business card. Watch out! FAKE IRS

Posted by Claudio Moran - 2 days ago


This guy is going around to LA pallet yards stating that they are behind on their payments. He is posing as an IRS agent but I don't believe he is. Watch out for him.

Posted by Claudio Moran - 2 days ago


Computer calling itself "Emilie" apologetically intrudes itself into your home.

Posted by Blackie - 2 days ago


Text message "i,>n5y."

Posted by Karen - 2 days ago


They said they are filing a fraud claim with the court against me. They would not give any information.

Posted by Angela Rackley - 3 days ago


Called my cell phone. Didn't leave a message.

Posted by Glen - 3 days ago


Never leave a message and they call daily from this number and a few times a day.

Posted by - 3 days ago


no message left except caller id says urgent msg then has number followed by wells fargo...I have no accounts with Wells Fargo so did not pick up or return call

Posted by Becky - 3 days ago


I get text messages 4-6 times a week from this number. I have asked to stop they won't.

Posted by Kim - 3 days ago


This guy likes to set up appointments and not show up or call. Then he is angry and threats if you inquire why he never showed up.

Posted by Mike - 5 days ago


Not sure why this number would be calling a person I've know on their cell phone asking for me.

Posted by J B - 6 days ago



Posted by me - 6 days ago


Received a call from this number they claim to be IRS?

Posted by Rodolfo Garcia - 6 days ago


They called me and I wasn't able to make out what they said when I answered

Posted by SS - 6 days ago


They call about 3 times a day and try at my work which I'm on leave at the moment my grandparents number and my cell which isn't even registered in my name

Posted by Veronica Artino - 6 days ago


That number has been harassing me for no reason

Posted by - 1 week ago


used for fraudulent online purchase

Posted by Steve Putra - 1 week ago


Claims to be IRS. caller ID says pamela taylor but was a male voice. didnt answer

Posted by Tammy Uhrick - 1 week ago


Call me 2-3 times for past couple of days indicating that I applied for a government grant when I did not.

Posted by Martial Bandemer - 1 week ago


I get phones calls up to two times a day. An Asian lady asks for me by first name and says I have filled out a request for 'wanting to make some more money' and goes on to talk about online foreign exchange. I tell her to stop calling, yet she continues to call back. Every. Single. Day

Posted by Tiffany - 1 week ago


Empire carpet solicitor

Posted by Old Customer - 1 week ago


they called my number and it was no one there when I answered the call.

Posted by Mike - 1 week ago


Appears bogus

Posted by David - 1 week ago


Some type of thug who calls to threaten those who have persued lawsuits with company over being a 'kike' according to caller.

Posted by Jake - 1 week ago


Has called approximately 5 times per day for the past few weeks.

Posted by JLS - 1 week ago


Called me unsolicited offering to forgive debt due to credit card law violation. Pressed 1, spoke to a woman who asked if I wanted a lower percent on my credit card. Hung up when asked to identify company. Unsafe number, do not respond or give information.

Posted by Jonathan Carey - 1 week ago



Posted by Dianna - 1 week ago


I want to know if they are scammer or bot.

Posted by Mike - 1 week ago


Auto survey dialer

Posted by Rich - 1 week ago


If they call me again I'll go ahead and take it upon myself to report it to the proper authorities

Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago


Did not answer call

Posted by Kelly - 1 week ago


This person was trying to gain access to my email address. The person's scam was buying Mary Kay product, which I do not sell.

Posted by Alicia - 1 week ago


They keep calling saying that I have been selected to win a grant for $14, 566 or $7k.

Posted by J.P. Jacques - 1 week ago


Posted by - 1 week ago


Posted by - 2 weeks ago


Posted by deeb - 2 weeks ago


Posted by Scott - 2 weeks ago


Person called me by Jhon aand He said he is calling from federal government and I knew immediately they are scam.I told him to call me later and he said I cannot call you later .. I cut the phone.

Posted by Aisha - 2 weeks ago


Thought it was a spammer but wasn't.

Posted by Chaz Greene - 2 weeks ago


They called me on Thanksgiving morning and hung up.I have been receiving numerous spammy calls lately and am tired of it

Posted by Raye - 2 weeks ago


Posted by Michelle - 2 weeks ago