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I need to know who this is... They won't tell me who and I would like to know

Posted by Mya - 6 hours ago


Said they got a lawsuit against this #

Posted by J - 2 days ago


The phone 206-201-2591 is a bunch of indians located in asia trying to scam you for money claiming they are from the IRS and other various companies. I called them back a few times from different number and harassed them and they said "you mother fucker".

Posted by Ang - 3 days ago


left message saying I was being contacted for IRS fraud. Ended ms g with have a blessed day.

Posted by Susan - 3 days ago


Called looking for some one else

Posted by Nathan - 1 week ago


Posted by - 1 week ago


Caller states they are calling regarding a debt I owe, but doesn'thave the original creditor information when I asked for it. They have my social security number on file without me verifying it and claim they are calling from Miami Floridia and company name is International Processing solutions.I asked for a fax number to fax a letter to cease phone calls to my home phone.The number provided was 305-900-5575. When I attempted to fax the letter there was no answer. I tried several times and several days after that and still no answer. I looked up the fax number on line and was showing the number isn't a valid number. I did some online research and found a company called International Processing solution in Bay Harbors, FLorida.They warn of anyone using their name and stating they are debt collectorsand commiting fraud, because International Processing Solution doesn't collect debts.

Posted by Marilyn Goffinet - 1 week ago


Debt collector.

Posted by CC - 1 week ago


Is it a scam

Posted by Samantha - 1 week ago


Contact Name

Posted by Rakhi - 1 week ago


Claims I would get $8,000 in Grant money. Claim they are the federal government. I am on the Do Not Call.

Posted by TONILU McCAFFREY - 2 weeks ago


They said "This is a call from the IRS. You are being sued. Please call this number-206-923-9552"

Posted by AK - 2 weeks ago


Guy named Ryan Zachary insisted I booked and order his illicit whore services. Not gay not into male massage however he called and said I booked and owed him money for no show.

Posted by Zoro - 2 weeks ago


Don't want this phone number calling me, don't no who this is

Posted by Debra - 2 weeks ago


I've received several calls from this number, altho I am on the "do not call" list. They don't leave a message and when I called them back they put me on hold.

Posted by Kelly Taylor - 2 weeks ago


This man called me from a different number last night and gave me a different company name and said his company had been hired to fund me because I had taken out 3 payday loans from 3 different places online. I haven't worked in 5 years because I am disabled. He gave me the name of a company I worked for 10 years ago and he said I had the money sent to a bank I had a bank as account at 10 years ago. They cannot send me money to a bank that I have no account at. When he called me last night I bought it at first and was crying and very upset. He told me to shut the tears up, I told him I was bi-polar manuc depressive and he said I was making up excuses, he kept pushing the buttons on the phone when I started crying really hard. He hung up on me then called me back. He had me in a manic state. I had a panic attack. It was horrible. Last night the number he called me from was 502-654-6200. These PPL should be put in jail.

Posted by Misty Brown - 2 weeks ago


robocall for holiday cruise line

Posted by a.fnd - 2 weeks ago


They said I qualified for some free Health equpment. They wanted my insurance to bill.

Posted by Joe - 2 weeks ago


weird voice message, sounds like the lady from an older windows computer (200-2008) speaks what you type program, not as high tech as most pre recorded messages these days. spam?

Posted by scott - 3 weeks ago


Soliciting calls

Posted by Margarite - 3 weeks ago



Posted by M. Obrien - 3 weeks ago


Automated call saying I was being sued by the IRS and needed to call them back.

Posted by Chelle - 3 weeks ago


Automated call saying I was being sued by the IRS and needed to call them immediately. I did not call :)

Posted by Chelle - 3 weeks ago


Said hello twice, nothing, then it hung up.

Posted by Michelle Scott - 3 weeks ago


Posted by - 3 weeks ago


Called 8:35 am PST and left a message that they were the IRS and they were filing a lawsuit against me and I needed to call this number. Wasn't a person talking, did not mention my name or a file/case#.

Posted by Cheryl - 3 weeks ago



Posted by KEVIN - 3 weeks ago


Calls several times a day. When voicemail picks up, it disconnects. When I checked VM to verify number, it gives a different number the call originated from as well as differ from the call ID. Tried calling, but recording says unable to reach customer at this time?!

Posted by Veronica Warren - 3 weeks ago


They keep calling all hours of the day, but hangup when I answer. Tried calling the number back, but I get a busy signal or recording stating it is not a working number!! Also use number 682-300-2456 and 682-499-3519. Odd!

Posted by Veronica Warren - 3 weeks ago


They keep calling all hours of the day, but hangup when I answer. Tried calling the number back, but I get a busy signal or recording stating it is not a working number!! Odd!

Posted by Veronica Warren - 3 weeks ago


Posted by - on November 2, 2015


Posted by John - on November 2, 2015


Man called left a voice message that he is from IRS.

Posted by - on October 31, 2015


Woman called left a voice message that she is from IRS.

Posted by Valentina - on October 31, 2015


Posted by Candy - on October 29, 2015


Posted by - on October 29, 2015


Definitely a spam call

Posted by Anonymous - on October 27, 2015


This land line from New Mexico was pretending to be from Florence, Alabama. Asked if we hall junk, then asked if we take credit card.

Posted by Clean Pro of Alabama - on October 27, 2015


Scam, number is a land line from New Mexico and gave me: 110 West College Street. Florence, Alabama 35630 as his address. Scam began: hello,am Greg Wane, i'd like to know if you do Junk Removal & Cleaning service. Next text: And if you do accept credit card as form of payment?

Posted by Clean Pro of Alabama - on October 27, 2015


Hang up

Posted by Ken - on October 27, 2015


Called to tell me I won, but I have to cover part of the taxes either on my credit card or give them my bank information so they could pull it out of there. They said it would have to go thru Us customs in New York because it's coming from a Hong Cong bank.

Posted by Delores Duncan - on October 27, 2015


Call came from 509-315-2503, Spokane, WA. Message was to call 267-322-4064 in Warminster, PA.

Posted by Toni - on October 26, 2015


Continue calling, does not leave voice mail, will not accept a call back

Posted by Cecilia - on October 26, 2015


Harrasing me asking me what kind of financial system I use...on a Sunday. Guy got mad when I told him to take me off the list. FAKE and HARASSMENT.

Posted by randy - on October 25, 2015


never leave message and keep calling

Posted by NG - on October 25, 2015


who is this

Posted by daniel - on October 24, 2015


Posted by brad kerr - on October 23, 2015


They called hung up I called back it was a non working number

Posted by Ashley - on October 23, 2015



Posted by KelleyTurner - on October 23, 2015


The text shows a link for an interview for an undisclosed job opportunity paying $17 hour.

Posted by JD - on October 21, 2015