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Posted by - 5 days ago


This number came up on my caller I'd but I don't know who it is

Posted by Melodie Casey - 2 weeks ago


"IRS" representive called named Adam Webster, left number 202-684-7699. "message attend for you. This call is from Internal Revenue Service, The very second you receive this message, I need you or your attorney of record to return the call. The issue at had is extremely time sensitive. My name is officer Adam Webster, Direct line to office 202-684-7699. Now, if you don't return the call and I don't hear from your attorney, Only thing I can do is wish you good-luck as the situation unfolds on you. Goodbye and good luck.

Posted by Pam - 2 weeks ago


Calls daily. Hangs up.

Posted by Rhonda Brantley - 3 weeks ago


pickup on their end was delayed,asked for me by name. Man talked real fast. He finally got fed up with me not understanding what he was saying and hung up.

Posted by darrell campbell - on April 27, 2015


scammer pretending to be IRS to get money from you... they will be rude to you and they have it down to an art. they are from another country but have names like Eric Foster or Jonathan Reed. They will read charges against you and tell you how much you owe, even say you are being recorded and give you a claim number. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.. IT IS A SCAM!!!!

Posted by cg - on April 24, 2015


Posted by - on April 11, 2015


Posted by GringoPr - on April 10, 2015


They emailed me in April 6, 2015 saying that they are filing a lawsuit against me and I better contact them within 48 hours .

Posted by Miss - on April 6, 2015


They are interfering with my family's business.

Posted by Quentin Hill - on April 3, 2015


Posted by Christine - on April 3, 2015


tyin to fin my phone

Posted by chloe - on April 1, 2015


trying to find my phone in house lol

Posted by chloe - on April 1, 2015


Received text message: "Congratulations, you are one lucky customer getting a credit applicable to your next month bill, for more details visit htts:// "

Posted by CG - on March 25, 2015



Posted by carriet - on March 24, 2015


They keep calling my cell phone and asking for different people each time or they call and hang up once you say hello and all you hear is a bunch of people in the back ground

Posted by kalee henson - on March 18, 2015


Scammer that contacted me on

Posted by Stella - on March 16, 2015


Posted by - on March 14, 2015


Posted by - on March 12, 2015


The above number said Energy Service. It is probably one of those rip offs for either gas or electricity. They didn't leave a message.

Posted by Rose Guindon - on March 5, 2015


Called twice on Sunday, 3/1/15, no voice mail

Posted by Fred - on March 1, 2015


Text saying vacation time offered

Posted by Michelle - on March 1, 2015


I am getting tired of this number calling me I block them and then other numbers appear.

Posted by jeanne - on February 18, 2015


They called saying that I was approved for a government grant had to come up with 300 dollars to get 9,300

Posted by ashleydauzet - on February 12, 2015


Threatening call came from 646-432-0749.

Posted by - on February 5, 2015


The call was a recording saying they were the IRS and that the IRS is suing me and I should call that number.

Posted by Lynn - on February 4, 2015


IRS Fraud.. Watch out for an Indian man which is a bit rude and disrespectful...

Posted by David - on February 4, 2015


they said my wife owed IRS and was getting a warrant for her arrest if she didnt pay 1500 dollars and they wouldnt answer any of my wifes questions and i called and it was a little indian man saying that my number wasnt in there system and that i had the wrong number i called again and he wouldnt give me the name of the person on the phone saying the phone number belonged to "mother F****R" and that's when i proceeded to laugh and call back a few more time to annoy them for making my wife experience a bad time... watchout!!!!!

Posted by Frankie - on February 4, 2015


Received auto dial say they were from IRS and this was final notice before filing law suit

Posted by Sandy D - on January 30, 2015


Received a call from 7166899717..claimed to be IRS, and that they were filing a lawsuit against me and to call the number 2022398650. This would be my final notice !! Had not received any notices previously. Did not respond to either number

Posted by Dianne Harris - on January 30, 2015


message left..IRs is going to take legal action against me

Posted by ebor - on January 29, 2015


Said it was a 'business call' for my mother (who they named). It is in a very crappy part of town in Tucson, however, and the only businesses in the area are seedy motels and drug trade (neither of which involved my mother). Highly suspicious!!

Posted by LS - on January 11, 2014


NO CLUE - I never answer calls from names or numbers I don't know.

Posted by Kathy B - on January 11, 2014


Must find out who they are

Posted by Alyssa - on January 10, 2014



Posted by c - on January 3, 2014


This number called me at midight and when I answered there was nobody there. The line was empty but the call stayed connected

Posted by Ashlee - on December 30, 2013


they are spamming me

Posted by Heather Grant - on December 16, 2013


Posted by dell - on December 13, 2013


robocall for tax services. Tricked them into revealing true name: "Our firm name is Authority Tax Services. We are located at 7535 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200, Irvine Ca. 92618."

Posted by George - on December 11, 2013


Who is this

Posted by Wilma Johnson - on December 6, 2013


Asking if someone needs drug rehab. Calling back allows you to remove your number, they say.

Posted by John R - on December 4, 2013


This number has been calling me several times a day for the past week. I have no idea who it is because I can't get anyone to answer when I call back and they don't leave a message.

Posted by Mona Parker - on December 3, 2013


Received a suspicious-looking text from this number. I deleted, and did not respond.

Posted by Pookie - on December 3, 2013


Posted by - on December 2, 2013


WHO is calling our number? Constant calling PAYDAY loan scam? STOP calling this number

Posted by Advocate4 Elderly - on November 27, 2013


I do not want any more calls !! who are these people?

Posted by Cathy Graciano - on November 26, 2013


I live in canada and received a text from this number about a set of furniture I have for sale...if its a US number, why would they want to contact me???

Posted by helene - on November 24, 2013


I apologize Mr. Lowery you felt this way and if there is anything I can help clear this up give me a call. You may always as well as anyone else can call me 206-372-5474 also 206-462-1877

Posted by Kitrina Chapman - on November 23, 2013


I'm 100% certain this is a scam. I have no idea how they got my number or my address but it kinda freaks me out. The first red flag was that she called from a blocked number. Second is that she kept saying the government was giving me a grant,but not the United States government. She dodged all my questions and insisted I call her manager instead of transferring me. It's all off. Don't trust them.

Posted by Vanna - on November 22, 2013


This is fraud number. They say that give a loan but it is lie.

Posted by antonio hasankhani - on November 20, 2013