is a database of user submitted reports of unsolicited callers. If you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, look it up in our directory. You can learn if the caller was a telemarketer, political surveyor, blatant spammer, or just a wrong number.

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They say don't ignore call or you will be charged with a felony.

Posted by Nana - 21 hours ago


They keep calling about a online payday loan that I never had.They call around income tax time every year

Posted by Ava - 1 day ago


do not answer phone

Posted by me - 2 days ago


This was recorded message threatening if I didn't respond there would be action taken. It was a male voice with an Idian accent.

Posted by Chris Sammarco - 2 days ago


Scam!! Tried to get my personal information by saying the IRS filed a lawsuit against me

Posted by Katy - 2 days ago


caller I.D. unknown name message.

Posted by annie - 3 days ago


I get 10 calls a day.

Posted by Nancy Bartell - 3 days ago


First a woman left a voice mail,then a man called, both posing as IRS employess, demanded money, or they would call police. I challenged them and they threatened me with police detention, then hung up. Hucksters, scammers, pirates, all a bunch of

Posted by R.E. - 3 days ago


junk call

Posted by - 3 days ago


Claims to be IRS and they are dispatching someone to arrest me.

Posted by Mdub - 3 days ago



Posted by ewrwerewr - 4 days ago


This is a scammer. So far I have found 3 women plus myself that this man has scared money from. He is preying on widow women. But the common denominator is "WidowWomen." He is using the name of Anthony Freeman, Kenneth Joseph Sanchez, Jorge Verdin and George Coleman. Using multiple cell and land lines 8 lines to my knowledge at this time of reporting but I have 7 more phones#'s to call and I'm sure these will all be widow women that somehow he calls them and the numbers above show up on my old cell number (I changed number this week). I am going to make it my mission to call each of these numbers that I don't know who they belong to yet ( which I'm sure they are widows) and inform them of what is going on. The 3 that I have talked to were very thankful I called them and have cut off their men.

Posted by Gwena Munson - 4 days ago


Caller calls around 7:30. Will not leave a message

Posted by Eddy - 4 days ago


Calls and calls and says nothing.

Posted by John Remar - 4 days ago


Who is this??

Posted by ec - 4 days ago


Posted by - 5 days ago


Robot call

Posted by - 5 days ago


They told me I won a grant that was a total of nine thousand dollars

Posted by Johny Hernandez - 6 days ago


Posted by - 1 week ago


Said they were the IRS about to sue!

Posted by KGY - 1 week ago


Keeps calling my home phone about medical

Posted by Emma Cox - 1 week ago


Threatening lawsuits.

Posted by Richard - 1 week ago


Posted by - 1 week ago


Did not leave a message

Posted by Eric - 2 weeks ago


Don't know who they are and don't want them calling me anymore.

Posted by Theresa Withers - 2 weeks ago


Arrogant caller, he said is "for Personal business"... He did not wanted to tell who he represent.... and he wanted to talk w/ the house owner.. If he calls, he should tell us his name and to which Co is representing first.

Posted by Tifany - 2 weeks ago


Asking about social security number. When I asked who are you, she hung up.

Posted by Lafi - 2 weeks ago


Received an unsolicited call.

Posted by R.P. - 2 weeks ago


pop up said suspicious activivity call now! could not get rid the pop up msg for a hour 2nd time this occured in 6mos hindu's answer the phone

Posted by garza - 2 weeks ago


I am on the do not call registry. I don't want these people calling my house again

Posted by Rachel myers - 2 weeks ago


Call leaving no voicemail anytime especially late night like now

Posted by Evelyn Revenga - 2 weeks ago


Has blown up my phone today, and next time they call I will say, "if you call me again, I will call the police, you are harassing me"

Posted by d - 2 weeks ago


i do not want to be bothered by unknown area codes

Posted by sandy - 2 weeks ago


Posted by - 2 weeks ago


Posted by - 2 weeks ago


asking about$610.00 owed from 2005 could not tell me who it was made by

Posted by - 3 weeks ago


These guys are scammers. They will hang up if you call them back too. People like this should be arrested.

Posted by Frank Ricard - 3 weeks ago


Called 7am left no message

Posted by TL - 3 weeks ago


This number calls many times a week, sometimes once a day.

Posted by Brady - 3 weeks ago


States they are with the IRS and will issue a warrant to your local police agency if you do not pay= Scam

Posted by Brenda Barrett - 3 weeks ago


Posted by Jennifer - 3 weeks ago


I signed up for information on colleges that had a early childhood development program and ever since I've been getting non stop calls and this was one saying they found a college lol

Posted by Kim - 3 weeks ago


Posted by abdul rasid - 3 weeks ago


Robocall offering free vacations.

Posted by Jason B. - 3 weeks ago


Obamacare enrollment company

Posted by Jason B. - 3 weeks ago


They are forgiener they are disrespectful wanting money

Posted by Jasmine carter - on January 13, 2016


Posted by - on January 12, 2016


Who is this

Posted by brandy gimnich - on January 12, 2016


Posted by - on January 12, 2016


Random calls no reason

Posted by judy - on January 12, 2016