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Posted by - 7 hours ago


who sent me this text message

Posted by Michelle - 20 hours ago


claimed to be the DEA checking on illegal online purchases. hung up

Posted by Bill - 1 day ago


This person has been sending me nasty texts and seems to know all of my information and my friends information

Posted by SK - 2 days ago


Posted by Jose Rodriguez - 2 days ago


They claimed to be IRS ready to throw us in jail, I guess. If we don't call them, we should get a Lawyer.

Posted by Lissy - 2 days ago


Calls 2 to 3 times in AM I do not answer calls UNKNOWNN SPAMMER !

Posted by Dennis - 2 days ago


Calls 3 times in the morning and doesn't stop SPAMMER !

Posted by Dennis - 2 days ago


Is this an actual phone number from Florida or made number

Posted by Chaylynn - 2 days ago


Scam IRS call from this number. For anyone else who gets a call from this number, no matter how many scare tactics they use do not believe one word of what they say. As an accountant I can assure you this is not how the IRS conducts business. If you have any questions about your taxes, contact the IRS directly at 1-800-849-1040.

Posted by Melissa - 4 days ago



Posted by crystal nelson - 4 days ago


Got a call from this number said hello and got hung up on. Called back the number 2x and got kicked out of the call.

Posted by Lawrence Wilson - 4 days ago


They left me a message on my machine saying they were with the IRS and there was a lawsuit against me. I called the number and they identified themselves as the IRS Officier Kavanaugh. I asked what the lawsuit was about and they hung up on me.

Posted by SD - 5 days ago


This number has called at least 5 times and hangs up each time before speaking

Posted by Annie - 5 days ago


Posted by - 5 days ago


Is this spam

Posted by Sarah white - 5 days ago


They claim to be the IRS and say that they are suing me, but they have a completely computerized voice, used a private number in New York, and I don't even file taxes because I am a legal dependent. If you receive this call, please ignore the claims.

Posted by Richard - 5 days ago


Would like to know who this is?

Posted by DB - 1 week ago


Say not working number

Posted by Casey garrison - 1 week ago


Saying I got a no tax no fee grant from the government of 9000 USD just had to pay an evidence fee

Posted by Russ heck - 1 week ago


Told me that "as soon as I heard this message, for me or my retained attorney to contact them about a docket that needs to be addressed immediately."

Posted by Christina - 1 week ago


I added them to my auto reject list. They would call multiple times a day and never leave messages. I continue to receive notifications of the auto reject of this number.

Posted by Ms. Butler - 1 week ago


In a recording take claim to be the IRS and that it is urgent I contacted them and they are proceeding to file a lawsuit against me. Trust me the Ira never has trouble contacting me when they need something and it's usually via mail. This is bogus

Posted by Daniel D - 1 week ago


Called and left no message.

Posted by Crystalsdreamm - 1 week ago


Robo voice left message saying that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. BS

Posted by Scek - 1 week ago


they call my home five times a day then hang up when you answer . making you call them back then to only get a recording thanking you for your inquiry and that they will call you back or listen to ther message

Posted by nc - 2 weeks ago


have called several times, no voice mail

Posted by Dawn Britton - 2 weeks ago


Claimed that I'm being sued by the IRS and that this is my only attempt to call them. Obviously some sort of scam.

Posted by Greg Jacob - 2 weeks ago


keep calling my office. It's so annoying

Posted by Jeremy Wang - 2 weeks ago


Robo call.

Posted by Jason B. - 2 weeks ago


Hung up before I could answer.

Posted by JCar - 2 weeks ago


Called 5am asked $4,850.00 own the IRS and I have to pay NOW

Posted by Kenny - 2 weeks ago


This man advertises for male only massages and ad states he is also male. Male prostitute.

Posted by gina benson - 2 weeks ago


Posted by - 2 weeks ago


Since when does the IRS leave a recorded message with no contact name that IRS is filing a lawsuit against me? This occurs when I have use U-verse ID caller which gives me a lot of scam calls.

Posted by claims IRS is filing lawsuit against me. Scam - 2 weeks ago



Posted by DAVE - 2 weeks ago


Posted by - 2 weeks ago


Posted by - 2 weeks ago


Survey Nebraska Outlook? Called several times today. It's an auto dialer

Posted by Pain - 2 weeks ago


They keep calling but won't speak.

Posted by joe cazalss - 2 weeks ago


Called to say that an arrest warrant was in place for me because I owed $5433.00 form 2015 income taxes, I was given 24 hours to pay or face arrest. The caller was a female with a heavy Indian accent and was obviously reading from a script which poorly cited the IRS codes being applied against me. I listened to her script and informed her I owed no taxes for that year and that I was going to repor ther for fraud.

Posted by Elaine Sned - 2 weeks ago


Posted by - 2 weeks ago


They made a TERRIORIST TREAT...!!!

Posted by - 2 weeks ago


These people leave you a message saying the call is a second attempt to avoid Federal prosecution. When you call back, they respond "United States Treasury."

Posted by Sylvia - 3 weeks ago


Posted by - 3 weeks ago


"your phone number has been pre-selected" - i hung up before listening to the rest of the message.

Posted by lisa peters - 3 weeks ago


They wanted me to call another number. All fraud.

Posted by Leon Kass - 3 weeks ago


They keep calling me and i have already told them the person they are calling me for is not me

Posted by Estella Guardiola - 3 weeks ago


Dan the Handyman sending unsolicited texts acting like he know me

Posted by Taiquanikashante Smith - 3 weeks ago


Left name Tammie Dixon and a case number on voice mail. No company name provided

Posted by Cg - 3 weeks ago