is a database of user submitted reports of unsolicited callers. If you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, look it up in our directory. You can learn if the caller was a telemarketer, political surveyor, blatant spammer, or just a wrong number.

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Posted by - 1 week ago


Claim I have been accepted for a $10000 loan

Posted by George - 1 week ago


they claiming a i owe them a debt

Posted by kristine - 1 week ago


I am getting tired of this number calling me I block them and then other numbers appear.

Posted by jeanne - 1 week ago


This number sends threatening messages to my phone

Posted by Crystal Hoffman - 2 weeks ago


Posted by j.lester newsome - 2 weeks ago


They called saying that I was approved for a government grant had to come up with 300 dollars to get 9,300

Posted by ashleydauzet - 2 weeks ago



Posted by BOB - 3 weeks ago


Threatening call came from 646-432-0749.

Posted by - 3 weeks ago


The call was a recording saying they were the IRS and that the IRS is suing me and I should call that number.

Posted by Lynn - 3 weeks ago


IRS Fraud.. Watch out for an Indian man which is a bit rude and disrespectful...

Posted by David - 3 weeks ago


they said my wife owed IRS and was getting a warrant for her arrest if she didnt pay 1500 dollars and they wouldnt answer any of my wifes questions and i called and it was a little indian man saying that my number wasnt in there system and that i had the wrong number i called again and he wouldnt give me the name of the person on the phone saying the phone number belonged to "mother F****R" and that's when i proceeded to laugh and call back a few more time to annoy them for making my wife experience a bad time... watchout!!!!!

Posted by Frankie - 3 weeks ago


Received auto dial say they were from IRS and this was final notice before filing law suit

Posted by Sandy D - on January 30, 2015


Received a call from 7166899717..claimed to be IRS, and that they were filing a lawsuit against me and to call the number 2022398650. This would be my final notice !! Had not received any notices previously. Did not respond to either number

Posted by Dianne Harris - on January 30, 2015


call begging for money said he was from the fire department he inset he was from madison fire department.

Posted by joey & nellie brown - on January 29, 2015


message left..IRs is going to take legal action against me

Posted by ebor - on January 29, 2015


called 7:32 AM very broken English - hung up

Posted by Capt Jo - on January 28, 2015


Called but left no voice mail or text message. Annoying!

Posted by Reggie - on January 27, 2015


The stated my daughter had a warrant out for her arrest and that she owed internal revenue money. It was an extremly upsetting call.

Posted by Crystal Brenann - on January 23, 2015


Sexual content from unknown person

Posted by Zaza - on January 22, 2015


Said it was a 'business call' for my mother (who they named). It is in a very crappy part of town in Tucson, however, and the only businesses in the area are seedy motels and drug trade (neither of which involved my mother). Highly suspicious!!

Posted by LS - on January 11, 2014


NO CLUE - I never answer calls from names or numbers I don't know.

Posted by Kathy B - on January 11, 2014


Must find out who they are

Posted by Alyssa - on January 10, 2014


Is this a legit owner number for a company or private number owner? The person claims they go by Mr. Tun Moore. Is this his number? Or is he a fraud?

Posted by Samantha Shapiro - on January 7, 2014


number keeps calling and no one answers when I answer the phone

Posted by Not Sharing - on January 6, 2014


Called daily for the last week! Who is this?

Posted by Sabrina Mitchell - on January 4, 2014


I keep getting calls from this number with no VM. I finally tried calling it back and received a VM asking to leave my name & SS# and they'd call me back! Really, just leave my SS# with an unknown person and UNKNOWN company? I know there are people that would fall for that and it worries me this is someone stealing identities.

Posted by Emily Barker - on January 3, 2014



Posted by c - on January 3, 2014


I have recieved multiple contacts every day on land line, and cell phone. This is beyond annoying. It is disruptive to my business.

Posted by Terri Owens - on January 2, 2014


This number has called multiple times and I finally answered and heard a strange music and then it went dead... I called it back and it said it's not a working number... very annoying

Posted by T - on December 30, 2013


This number is listed on a bunch of illegal "bandit" signs in the Phoenix area. The company is "Together We Grow Phoenix", and the guy's name is Brayand Ponciano.

Posted by Mark C. - on December 30, 2013


This number called me at midight and when I answered there was nobody there. The line was empty but the call stayed connected

Posted by Ashlee - on December 30, 2013


tired of these calls using up my minutes. leave me alone~

Posted by nancy - on December 26, 2013


He keeps calling over and over to get hold of my sister. I no longer have contact with my sister. I tried to explain this and he got angry. He decided I was lying and told me I was being rude to him.

Posted by Alice - on December 24, 2013


asking for money for bank transfer

Posted by Dee Gee - on December 24, 2013


seeking money for bank transfer

Posted by Dee Gee - on December 24, 2013


Posted by - on December 23, 2013


Keeps calling, as soon as I answer they hang up immediately. This has happened at least 10 times in the last week!

Posted by Tassja - on December 23, 2013


I told them that I under Chapter 13 and my lawer call them as well. and still calling.

Posted by Jackie - on December 23, 2013


They call 1-2 times a day, EVERY weekday, and always between 6 and 9pm. I've begun to tell them how I'll rape their children to death in an effort to dissuade them calling.

Posted by phoenix182 - on December 18, 2013


have had threatening calls from this number on the order on 5 or 6 times about a collection that is associated with my name but has nothing to do with anyone I know. I called back several times (they said they'd block me) to alert them that further calls would be monitored and reported to the Ohio Attornery Generals office. I don't know if they are for real or not. Until then, THEY ARE CONSIDERED A SCAM. I'll let the State of Ohio take care of it. Do some research on this outfit. Check the Better Business Bureau has several reports concerning their practices. If hear from again, I think a phone harassment lawsuit is in order . Caller: Commercial Recovery Call Type: Prank Call

Posted by An Angry American Citizen - on December 18, 2013


Amanda said that she is going to process paperwork for Tax evasion couldn't give anymore information. Added that a Monica Hoff from 9518785024 was filing a lawsuit. Called both numbers and they appear to be google talk numbers.

Posted by Lisa - on December 17, 2013


Fucking assholes keep calling our office. This has been going on for MONTHS. You'd think they'd get the fucking picture and move on but no, fuckwads!

Posted by Dorianne - on December 16, 2013


they are spamming me

Posted by Heather Grant - on December 16, 2013


Posted by dell - on December 13, 2013


Big scam!!! Says"this is IRS and leave your name and social security and agent will call you back!!!!! Total scam!!! Federal government never and ever leave a message like that. I call IRS and let them copy their message and persons voico, IRS said it's a scam

Posted by sam - on December 13, 2013


Please do not call at 3:00 a.m. in the morning

Posted by Rich Duerkop - on December 13, 2013


robocall for tax services. Tricked them into revealing true name: "Our firm name is Authority Tax Services. We are located at 7535 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200, Irvine Ca. 92618."

Posted by George - on December 11, 2013


Who is this

Posted by Wilma Johnson - on December 6, 2013


They keep calling, I won't answer and goes to voice mail but nothing on voice mail. Obviously they hang up. Very annoying!

Posted by Nancy - on December 5, 2013