is a database of user submitted reports of unsolicited callers. If you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, look it up in our directory. You can learn if the caller was a telemarketer, political surveyor, blatant spammer, or just a wrong number.

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Posted by - 23 hours ago


Keep getting calls from this number.

Posted by Kim - 1 day ago


Said it was on behalf of IRS regarding a law suit. Call came up as SKYPE

Posted by Terri Viola - 1 day ago


Wont stop calling

Posted by sheena looney - 2 days ago


Said IRS was suing me, and kept hanging up when I would try to get information. I contacted the IRS personally and reported the scam.

Posted by Rob - 3 days ago


This is the reason I use Google Voice instead of giving out my actual number to anyone other than my immediate family members. This company has been calling early each morning for several days from (404) 410-7486, leaving no message. If you are also tired of people who violate the DNC list. Here's what you can do: 1) Get a GoogleVoice number. 2) Set up a contact called "solicitors". 3) Switch the settings to "blocked" for your contact called "Solicitors". 4) Continue adding numbers to that contact any time a solicitor calls. They will receive the standard "not in service" recording all phone companies use. You will no longer receive calls from that number or any number you add to that contact.

Posted by PNWHiker - 4 days ago


This number continually calls my cell for no reason and doesn't leave mssgs. Very annoying.

Posted by Conn - 1 week ago


Posted by Giancarlo - 1 week ago


Someone from this number calls me all day and night!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Debbie - 2 weeks ago


Posted by - 2 weeks ago


Keeps calling and never leaves a message

Posted by anon - 2 weeks ago


did not lmtc

Posted by Fred - 2 weeks ago


Posted by ari - 3 weeks ago


They called and told me that I have been randomly selected for my good record by the state to win a $9000 grant. Since I've never filed for bankruptcy And some mess. Never been in any trouble have no criminal record. All I had to do was deposit $200 for a safety deposit and they would Western Union my $9000 to me. Needless to say I came up with a solution of my own and told him I don't have the money, and I came here by looking up the phone number. So yeah they don't need no safety deposit and I don't trust them at all, why should I have to pay if the government is giving me free money. Dumb

Posted by Renee - 3 weeks ago


I thing this is a fraud the offer you money

Posted by beatriz - 3 weeks ago


This number keeps harassing me and my husband with obnoxious and threatening messages. needs to stop immediately

Posted by Ashley Thomas - 3 weeks ago


this person claims they live in ca when the number is in portland

Posted by eva - 3 weeks ago


Posted by Jo - 3 weeks ago


Posted by Kristine ftranklin - on August 3, 2015


They called me at 4:47AM. Woke my husband up.

Posted by Sarah Johnson - on July 31, 2015



Posted by brad - on July 30, 2015


Says you won a $100 gift card but they want you to give them your address and date of birth. When you call back they say you have dialed the wrong number and hang up on you.

Posted by Dan - on July 28, 2015


He's a scammer on dating websites and Facebook.

Posted by Jmpm - on July 27, 2015


Looking for Allen Coleman

Posted by GWilliams - on July 27, 2015


Posted by - on July 26, 2015


Posted by - on July 16, 2015


I am getting a call from this number up to 3 times daily. There is no one on the other line when i pick up. When i call the number back, it get the "your call cannot be completed as dialed" message. I've looked the number up online and can't resolve who it belongs to. I'm getting very frustrated as this has been going on for nearly a week now.

Posted by Andrew Huester - on July 14, 2015


These 305-407-3362 and 310-484-5233 , numbers are an organization on fraud beauty product requested $ 500.00 if you do not claim this is a lie is fraud and scam notify police

Posted by Mike - on July 11, 2015


Slumlord, Real Estate Schyster who sends spam calls supposedly from an Attorney's Office.

Posted by James MAarsten - on July 9, 2015


Don't want these calls!!! I keep blocking them and I keep receiving calls - but they continue coming thru by different numbers.

Posted by Luis Pages - on July 2, 2015


Who is this?

Posted by Joe - on June 25, 2015


I get a call from this number at least once a month They say it's for siding and I'm remodeling which I'm not

Posted by Lois pack - on June 22, 2015


caller hung up when my answering machine took the call

Posted by jacob noah cutler - on June 9, 2015


Keeps calling my home and leaves no message. Tried calling back but recording says it is not a working number

Posted by Debbie - on June 2, 2015


Posted by - on May 21, 2015


Calls daily. Hangs up.

Posted by Rhonda Brantley - on May 8, 2015


scammer pretending to be IRS to get money from you... they will be rude to you and they have it down to an art. they are from another country but have names like Eric Foster or Jonathan Reed. They will read charges against you and tell you how much you owe, even say you are being recorded and give you a claim number. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.. IT IS A SCAM!!!!

Posted by cg - on April 24, 2015


Posted by GringoPr - on April 10, 2015


They are interfering with my family's business.

Posted by Quentin Hill - on April 3, 2015


tyin to fin my phone

Posted by chloe - on April 1, 2015


trying to find my phone in house lol

Posted by chloe - on April 1, 2015



Posted by carriet - on March 24, 2015


Scammer that contacted me on

Posted by Stella - on March 16, 2015


Posted by - on March 14, 2015


Called twice on Sunday, 3/1/15, no voice mail

Posted by Fred - on March 1, 2015


I am getting tired of this number calling me I block them and then other numbers appear.

Posted by jeanne - on February 18, 2015


IRS Fraud.. Watch out for an Indian man which is a bit rude and disrespectful...

Posted by David - on February 4, 2015


Received auto dial say they were from IRS and this was final notice before filing law suit

Posted by Sandy D - on January 30, 2015


message left..IRs is going to take legal action against me

Posted by ebor - on January 29, 2015


NO CLUE - I never answer calls from names or numbers I don't know.

Posted by Kathy B - on January 11, 2014